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The traits of a professional security service


According to the British Crime Survey, theft and vandalism account for almost 50 percent of all crime in the UK. As a result of that there is a high demand for private security companies all over the United Kingdom with London in the center of it. Almost every UK business requires the services of some security company. That demand made the security industry one of the most competitive ones. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some second class security companies. There is a quite difference between certain security companies. Because of that it’s crucial to select a company that can provide proper protection to your property.

SIA License

This is the basic and most important criteria to have when selecting a security service. The security agencies you are looking into need to possess Security Industry Authority Licensing. They are responsible for licensing the private security agencies in the UK.

The best way to check if some company is licensed as such is via the SIA website. There you can track information on whether certain company holds a license, reports on illegal activities, private security standards, etc. Plus, you can use the website to browse for approved contractors in UK, or in some particular area or city such as London.

Security Assessment

The best security agencies will assess everything before giving you a quote. Plus, they will be able to give you a tailored solution which will be designed to match the specifics of your business along with few recommendations if they come across to some weaknesses.

Experience in commercial security

Ideally, the company should have years of experience in providing security solutions to businesses such as yours. The main point is if they were good enough for your competitors than its very likely that they would do a pretty good job for you as well.

Technical Resources

Nowadays, the security industry largely depends of technology. The best companies are always on top of it always using the latest innovations in the monitoring and surveillance technology. That way they make sure that with limited number of people can monitor larger areas and make sure that they are well-protected. The absence of technology in their security plans should raise red flags in terms that they might not be the best on the market.

Human resources

When it comes to that the best should be able to provide quantity and quality, meaning they need to employ plenty of professional security officers which are well trained and experienced. Only than you can rest assure that your company is in good hands.